1. a few things about Mystique *spoiler warnings to any who are not up-to-date on Bendis et al.’s All New X-Men*

    Mystique is among Marvel Comics’ best characters.  A beguiling villain who sometimes plays the role of hero without it undermining the core principles of her persona.   She is one of the few female characters who has been able to maintain her own solo title and has proven very popular in the movies (where she has been portrayed by Academy Award winner, Jennifer Lawrence and super model, Rebecca Romijn).  Furthermore, she is likely the most visible comic book characters who is canonically bisexual.

    She’s also currently dead.

    Of course there is nothing more mercurial than comic book continuity…  Yet, as things stand now (as revealed in the most recent issue of All New X-Men), Mystique has been killed and replaced by her similarly empowered, shape-shifting son, Raze.  

    What the hell?

    I’m a big fan of Brian Michael Bendis.  I really enjoy his writing and greatly appreciate his dedication to the fan community and the comic book medium as a whole.  Every now and then, however, there are things that give me pause, that trigger my nerd-rage like nothing else.  Things such as the senseless killing off of Victoria Hand, benching The Vision for what seemed like forever, revisiting John Byrne’s deplorable depiction of the Scarlet Witch as an epitome of destructive feminine hysteria, and now this… killing off Mystique.  

    It’s only because I love these stories, these characters, Bendis’ writing in and of itself so much that such things can elicit this kind of angry reaction.  I’m still reading the books and, to be honest, will likely continue to do so even if Mystique remains dead.  But she better be brought back, and soon… or else… or else, uhm….

    or else I’ll continue to be cranky about it.

  2. X-Men: Days of Future Past - Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique paper cut-out

  3. X-Men - Paper cut-out Mystique (transforming from her disguise as SHIELD agent, Maria Hill).

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