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    TALES OF SUSPENSE #67 (July 1965)
    Art by Don Heck (pencils) & Mike Esposito (inks)
    Words by Stan Lee

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    action shots of Tasha and Clint from 60’s era Iron Man cartoon.  

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  4. happy national donut day

  5. Ghost cut-out doodle

    It’s sort of baffling how under-utilized Ghost has been in the Marvel Universe of late.  He is such a cool and interesting character; and so apropos of the socio-economic issues affecting much of the world.

    Originally created by David Michelinie and Bob Laytonto in Iron Man vol. 1 #219, and later refined in characterization in story-arcs by Warren Ellis, Joe Cassey, and Jeff Parker, Ghost is sort of the ultimate ‘monkey-wrencher’ (a saboteur of industrial development) whose dedication to his cause became so intense that he essentially became a product the same technology he so hated.  He’s just super-cool, in design, aesthetic, characterization, and dialogue… it seems a waste that he’s disappeared from the Marvel landscape following the conclusion of Jeff Parker’s phenomenal run on Thunderbolts.
  6. Tony Stark by Gene Colon

  7. card 8

  8. Marvel UK - Death’s Head cut-out

  9. Robert Downy Jr. as Iron Man by Przemyslaw-art

    Check out some awesome illustration work at Przemyslaw-art.tumblr

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  10. Iron Man - Tony Stark cut-out with silly flashlight-in-chest effect :/

  11. Marvel Villains - Whiplash cut-out

  12. old school Iron Man cut-out

  13. Tony Stark / Iron man old-school cut-out

  14. Iron Man - Pepper Pots paper cut-out

  15. Tony’s ‘God-Killer’ armor cut-out

    reposted for… well, for no good reason in particular.  Just sorta liked this one.