1. So this is a rough recreation of a cut-out piece I collaborated on in a session a little while’s back. My client was very young and was having a hard time coming to terms with prospect of having a new baby brother or sister, as well as the whole, often-thorny matter of exactly where babies come from. All the little kittens were cut out from within the mother cat and can fit in and be taken out sort of like puzzle pieces. When the kittens were taken out of the mother cat, my patient expressed feelings very worried that it left the mother cat with all these holes in her, that it would in some way weaken her… leave her emptied-out. We put a different color backdrop behind the mother cat cut-out and this represented that birthing these kittens didn’t make her weaker, but rather stronger. She had both the kittens outside of her, but also versions of the still kittens inside of her, always in her heart.

    It’s all not especially logical, but for some reason it ended up really helping and greatly diminished my patient’s feelings of anxiety over the upcoming changes to his family. My patient got to take the original version home and I was later quite honored to learn that it had been framed and now hangs in a place of prominence in the new baby’s nursery.

    *Recreated and posted with express permission from the patient and patient’s family.*

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