1. Fantomex cut-out (detail)

    I really like the character of Fantomex; dug him when Grant Morrison first introduced the character in New X-Men, as well as when Matt Fraction brought him back in Uncanny X-Men.  The main reason is likely because I’m a huge, huge, fan of the movie, ‘Danger Diabolik,’ by Mario Bava.  The film is based on an old, Italian comic book about a master thief and it (along with the turn-of-the-century French pulp fiction antihero, ‘Fantomas’) was the primary influence for the original design of the Fantomex character.  

    Definitely recommend Bava’s Danger Diabolik to anyone who hasn’t yet seen it.  So much fun…

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  6. arcanelibrarian said: I almost bought an action figure of him earlier. It’s a Fantomex kind of day.
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