1. folderolsoup:


    Captain Marvel! because I have a lot of free time.

    So dope! I want this on my living room wall

  2. ComicsAlliance is reporting that Ms. Marvel scribe, G. Willow Wilson has been announced as the new writer on the all-female X-Men series.

    :0  :)  :0  :) :0  :)  :0  :) :0  :)  :0  :) :0  :)  :0  :) :0  :)  :0  :)

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  3. the newest trade for Fraction and Chaykin’s lasciviously mysterious ‘Satellite Sam’ was released today.  Well worth checking out.

  4. Vampirella paper cut-out

    for DoomsdayDrac1

    Vampirella created by Forrest J Ackerman and  Trina Robbins

  6. The Nocturnals - Bandit Coolhands, The Raccoon cut-out

    The Nocturnals created by Daniel Brereton

  7. The Flash 3-D cut-out

  8. bear1na:

    Cyclops by Francesco Cammardella

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  9. inhumansforever:

    Ms. Marvel #9, cover art by Jamie Mckelvie

  12. WOCtoberFestAmanda ‘The Wall’ Waller cut-out

    for my pal, bethama.tumblr.com

  13. jimrugg:

    Street Angel 002: Enter Street Angel!

    Street Angel is a new comic series on BoingBoing.net by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca. It updates every Friday.

    This Week: With Dr. Pangea at large, the only hope is — Street Angel!

    Get your copy of Street Angel from your local comic shop, buy it on Amazon, order it from AdHouse Books, tell your local librarian to stock a copy…or if you prefer your comics on a screen — get it from Monkeybrain on Comixology. Thanks.


  14. halfkree:

    Is there an artful and sophisticated way to tell your professor that you have nasty anxiety that often gets in the way of your class performance?

    Not really.  Although mostly because anxiety, in and of itself, is raw and neither artful nor sophisticated.  I’d recommend just giving your professor the bare facts - that your troubles with anxiety has undermined your performance and inhibited a more realistic reflection of what you’re capable of doing in her or his class.  And ask if there might be some means that you two can come up with to better manage this anxiety and hence provide a more accurate demonstration of your academic abilities and performance. 

    or you could just paraphrase the above… it’s kind of arty and sophisticated :/

  15. biggoonie:

    Hawkeye#1 by Ramon Perez

    I’m torn..

    On the one hand, Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez are terrific and surely capable hands to continue on the tales of Clint, Kate and Pizza Dig.

    On the other hand, a Hawkeye book not done by Fraction, Aja, Hollingsworth et al. seems almost heretical.

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