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    Black Widow by Jeff Spokes




  3. lukemeintheeye:

    So apparently there are still objections to Gal Gadot being Wonder Woman because she is Israeli.

    Seriously? Out of all the stupid complaints I’ve seen from Day 1 of her being cast as WW (and that’s a whole damn lot!), this has got to be the stupidest one of all. Gal Gadot being an Israeli has…

    for real.  The average Israeli citizen has all but no say in their government’s incursion into Gaza.. just like the average American citizen has basically no say over the drone strikes that occur daily all over the Middle East.  You might as well condemn Henry Cavill for being English and thus culpable for the bloody colonization of India…

  4. Favorite Friendships
    The Will & Lying Cat (Saga)

    yeee I just love these two

    and a big congratulations to Vaughan and Staples and the rest of the Saga team for taking home this year’s Eisner Award for best ongoing series.

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  5. SamCap cut-out

  6. themarvelageofcomics:

    Ad for Adventure Week on local Chicago television March 1973.

  7. Storm #1 blank cover with Storm paper cut-out (mint in bag)

    for sale in exchange for a 50 dollar (American) donation to the Cancer Research Foundation of Chicago.  

    There’s only one so first come first served.  If you’re interested just drop me a line in my ‘ask’ box.

    Free shipping

    More information on the Cancer Research Foundation can be found at http://www.cancerresearchfdn.org

  8. of everything that I’ve seen coming out of Comic Con thus far this year, this is the bit that excites me the most.

  9. The Invisibles - King Mob cut-out

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    Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

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  13. Avengers Undercover - Deathlockette cut-out 

  14. stem-cell:


    The ‘help’ i’m still poor edition:

    • 'Chibi': $12
    • Head Shot: $25
    • Bust Up: $30
    • Line Art (Full Body): $35
      (no background)
    • Coloured Full Body: $40
      (no background)
    • Full Illustration: $50
      Which includes background ect.
    • Additional Character: $10 each.

    Won’t Do:
    - Gore
    - Anthro (I’m not not very good at it? Tails/ears/Mutants are a-ok though)
    - Porn


    - Prices are non negotiable.
    - Paypal only and I take money upfront.
    - Delivery of a high-res image between 2-8 weeks. (The more complicated, the longer it’ll take ect)
    - I post wips on my blog unless it’s gift art or chibis. I try and keep updated with wips for feedback.
    - Send me a note on here or email me at: hello@leighwortley.co.uk.

    More examples can be found on my website or my illustration blog. (Which i update more often)



  15. punkstaypunk:

    Cameron Stewart reimagines the Marvel family for Grant Morrison’s “The Multiversity”

    A new comic with Stewart and Morrison plus a likely movie staring The Rock…
    It’s suddenly a good time to be a Shazam fan :) :) :)