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    By Chris Sims

    I don’t think it’s possible for the staff of ComicsAlliance to get more excited for Becky CloonanBrenden Fletcher and Karl Kerschl‘s Gotham Academy than we already are, but if there’s one thing that could do it, it’s seeing the characters for the new book in a set of brand-new portraits drawn by Cloonan. This week, that’s exactly what we’ve got, so prepare yourself, because they are fantastic.

    In a set of three images, Cloonan has introduced us to the principal characters, Olive Silverlock, Maps Mizoguchi and Kyle Mizoguchi. Check them out along with what the creators of the book had to say in our interview from San Diego Comic-Con. Plus, what we think about how DC is marketing — or not marketing, in a way — this new book.

    Brenden Fletcher: Olive Silverlock, our main character.

    Becky Cloonan: It’s her second year at Gotham.

    BF: Her first year was fairly sunny, fairly bright. She doesn’t come from a really wealthy background so getting to go to this prep school is a wonderful experience for her, was a wonderful experience for her. Her grades are fantastic, loves books, was in the school play, dating the tennis star and then something happened in the summer that changed her world. It’s impacted her relationship with the tennis star in a negative way. It’s impacted the way she feels about the school and it may have had some disastrous change on her life. That’s one of the main arcs of where it’s going. What happened to Olive? What is that going to mean for her future and the future of all the students at Gotham Academy?


  3. Tigress, Paula Brooks paper cut-out

    for you Young Justice fans out there, this was Artemis Crock’s mom, the former villain who married Sportsmaster.

  4. Happy birthday to the King of comics!

  5. James Asmus, Fred Van Lente and Kano’s ‘The Delinquents.’  Variant cover by Michael Walsh

  6. heavensong:


    Feel free to use! If you want a custom icon you can commission one like these for only $2! (I can also do icons that don’t look all scribbly if you want ahaha)

    (via tsukikoneko)

  8. Lila Cheney’s entrance from CAPTAIN MARVEL #9. Art by David Lopez

  9. daddymakemeasuperhero:

    Gifts from docgold13

    You ready for an origin story? I got the idea to make my superhero paper cutouts when Comics Alliance profiled the construction paper cutout work of DocGold13. They were (and are) incredible. Since I had a bunch of construction paper on hand, I thought it’d be a fun thing to try when doing arts and crafts with my kid. My first few attempts were kinda rough, but I like to think I got the hang of it. 

    So DocGold13’s work is what inspired me to do what I do here. So when he contacted me recently to ask if I’d be interested in doing an art swap, I had to agree. He’s like my paper cut sensei. Plus, it was an excellent opportunity to get my kid some awesome new art.

    As you can see, he’s even into superheroes by companies that don’t own the copyright to the term superhero. I knew he’d like to get a Dash from The Incredibles (it was his Halloween costume last year), so that was the request. After I told my boy about what I was doing, we looked at Doc’s archives and he was thrilled to see a Danny Phantom. Unfortunately, that piece was already gone, but Doc had no issue making another.

    The commissions arrived today, and my boy was thrilled. There was even two bonus pieces thrown in from Doc’s collection (Robin and Cheshire from Young Justice). I just hope I hold up my end of the bargain. (I’ll post my effort here after DocGold13 receives it. Don’t want to spoil the reveal).

    (Oh, and if you’re not already, you should really give him a follow. That is, as long as you like awesome things on your dashboard).

    :) :) :)

    this really made my day

  10. Flash Family cut-outs

    (Barry Allen; Wally ‘Kid Flash’ West; Jay Garrick; Jessica ‘Jesse Quick’ Chambers; Bart ‘Impulse’ Allen; Maxwell ‘Max Mercury’ Crandall; Iris ‘Kid Flash’ West; and Jenni ‘X-S’ Ognats)


  11. Oops

    Made the mistake of reading this week’s issue of Saga during lunch, in the middle of the work day. Now I have to figure out how to keep my shit together for the next five hours, pretending to listen to patients and colleagues and whatnot while actually screaming internally…
    Thanks a lot, Vaughn and Staples.

  14. Rai cut-out mock cover

    Rai, by Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain, published by Valiant Comics

  15. Chris Pratt did a fantastic job portraying Pete Quill, no doubt about it..  but it’s still Sara Pichelli’s rendition that stays in mind as the quintessential Star Lord as far as I’m concerned.