1. artandmayhem:

    Carol’s my new color commission example for Alamo City tomorrow! She was crazy fun to draw.  

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  2. tonystarksredthong:

    Avengers, Vol 4, Issue #4

    The scale mail shreds but damn it, that bandolier/sash remains intact. 

    Killraven’s just the coolest.  But whatever became of him after this?  He was brought into the current 616 continuity in this story and remained behind even after the other time/space anomalies disappeared… yet the thread was never picked up again (as far as I know). 

    Does anyone know if he’s showed up anywhere else??

    above art and words by Romita Jr. and Bendis

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  3. rraaaarrl:

    Even an android can laugh!

  4. kelslk:

    go sparklefists go

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  5. jordangibson:

    The Bat-Man, a strong gentleman who fights crime nocturnally.

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  6. So December is set to see the return of Gail Simone’s Secret Six and, more importantly Catman! …one of DC’s greatest characters (as well as a personal favorite).   

    I can’t wait for Catman’s debut and am excited to see what his nu52 version looks like.  In the meantime, here’s a paper cut-out of what he might look like :)

    Secreet Six #1 is scheduled to premier December 3rd with Simone and art by Dale Eaglesham and Ken Lashley.

  7. my own seven-member, all women Justice League squad. 

    (with Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Vixen, Hawkgirl, Catwoman, Big Barda, and Stargirl). 

  8. guardiansofthegalaxys:

    Grayson Annual #1 ~ The Secret Origin of Helena Bertinelli

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  9. blackspeculativefiction:

    8 YA Science Fiction & Fantasy Books with Black / Afrikan Teen Heroes and Sheroes!

    YA Feature 1

    In her insightful article, Kid Lit Equality – Fantasy or Reality?’ author Zetta Elliot says “There’s clearly a direct link between the misrepresentation of Black youth as inherently criminal and the…

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  10. scheduled for release today from Humanoids Press -  Barbarella: Super Oversized Deluxe Edition  

    Jean-Claude Forest’s classic French comic that defined erotic science fiction in the ’60s gets an oversized, limited edition hardcover release, with a new, modern English adaptation from Kelly Sue DeConnick!

  11. comicsforever:

    Captain Marvel // artwork by John Gallagher (2014)

    Featuring Katee Sackhoff!

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  12. the goods from the ‘David Bowie Is’ show at the MCA

  13. zarholrico:

    Batman & Joker by Patrick Seymour.

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  14. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., one of my most guilty of pleasures, returns to the air tonight. 

  15. Happy official ‘David Bowie Day’ to all my fellow Chicagoites; and to everyone else to boot.