1. The all-new Captain America and The Mighty Avengers cut-outs

    currently my favorite Avengers squad..

  3. thecomicsvault:

    Catwoman’s Philosophy 
    The Batman Adventures Annual #1 (1994)
    Art by Bruce Timm & Rick Taylor
    Words by Paul Dini

    (via crisisthegirlwonder)

  4. joezissou:

    A Clockwork Orange poster (1971)

    Illustrator: Joey Spiotto

  5. What if… DC/Warner Bros. had made Guardians of The Galaxy instead of Marvel/Disney. 

  6. The MCU’s new Mockingbird, Adrianne Palicki.

    interesting…  never actually seen her in anything, but she’s certainly quite pretty and looks like she could be a good Bobbi Morse. 

  7. It’s not a good day.  The news has been horrible all across the board.  I’ve been needing my periodic escapism(s) these days more than I have in a long, long while..

    And though, all things considered, it’s a relatively minor pang, learning that Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber’s awesome ‘The Superior Foes of Spider-Man’ will be cancelled with issue 17 bums me out beyond words…

  8. fantagraphics:

    Just arrived and shipping now from our mail-order department:

    Tales Designed to Thrizzle Vol. 1 [Softcover Ed.]

    by Michael Kupperman

    160-page full color 7” x 9.75” softcover • $22.99
    ISBN: 978-1-60699-764-2

    See Previews / Order Now

    Fans and comedy cognoscenti alike, basking devotedly in the glow of Tales Designed to Thrizzle, have made it the smash hit humor comic of the decade. And now the first four issues of Michael Kupperman’s revered series are finally collected into one deluxe hardcover. Even better, Kupperman has taken the original two-color printing and made the entire book full color! These tales are more thrizzling than ever!

    What are tales designed to thrizzle? Tales designed to thrizzle are about evil girls and their owls. They are about Jesus’ half-brother Pagus, the Mysterious Avenger, Dick Crazy, scary snakes, delicious bacon, Private Eye Johnny Silhouette, the Silver Knight, Murder She Didn’t Write, the Mannister, the Space Patrol, portraits where the eyes move, Pablo Picasso, sex blimps (and their logical inverse, sex holes), the hot boy band Boybank, soccer joust, Underpants-On-His-Head Man, Hercules the Public Domain Superhero, Cousin Granpa, Mister Bossman, Mark Twain, the silent robot Citobor and, of course, the Thirties.

    The stories in Tales Designed to Thrizzle made their debut in 2009 on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim program as Snake ’N’ Bacon. The show, a mix of live-action, puppetry and animation, stars David Rakoff (This American Life), Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live), Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords), James Urbaniak (The Venture Brothers), and Dan Bakkedahl (The Daily Show), and is produced by Kupperman, Robert Smigel (SNL, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog), Scott Jacobson (The Daily Show) and Rich Bloomquist (The Daily Show).

    don’t ask, just buy it

  9. Flash’s Rogues - The Top cut-out

  10. Mondays are for Vynal - Althea & Donna

    these two are the bomb

  14. Harper Row, as drawn by Becky Cloonan

    (Source: fyeahharperrow, via forever-carlyle)

  15. amazing Shazam concept drawings by Evan “Doc” Shaner