2. bloodsangsangre:

    Gonna do some quick paintings

  3. Is your social worker inside that horse?” 

    among the greatest lines in the history of television 

  4. local graffiti, Hong Kong

    artist unknown

  5. The Marvel Family cut-outs

  6. macbethoff:

    Winter Soldier

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  7. postcardsfromspace:

    I wish I’d had like 8000 words for this, because Carol Corps blows my mind. It’s the first time I’ve seen a truly positive-sum fan community—a group that is all about sharing the joy and inspiration they get from this character, and celebrating the myriad of ways people find to engage with her. Fan after fan told me that they’d gotten into Captain Marvel because someone else called, lent them books, told them how much the character and community had grown to mean, and invited them in.

    Look: I love the hell out of Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan, but they’re not why I finally bought myself some Optimystical dog tags at that show: Carol Corps is what inspires me again and again to keep caring about superhero comics, to believe they—and the community around them—can change for the better, and to hold them to that standard. You guys take my breath away.

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  8. A couple of quick Batman TAS-style Robins cut-outs

    requested by , whose site is very cool and definitely worth following

  10. The Starjammers - Raza Longknife cut-out

  11. Starjammers - Corsair cut-out

  13. Guardians of the Galaxy - Adam Warlock cut-out

  14. aw yeah, it’s Chewie the flerken Marvel Cat!