1. Agent Grayson paper cut-out faux cover

    as suggested by my buddy,  (with a definite nod to the great Steranko).

  2. Moondragon is better than us all

  3. rhetthammersmithhorror:

    Danger: Diabolik . ‘68 . imdb

    (via michaelallanleonard)

  4. Reminder, Wolverine & the X-men #3 is out TODAY…

  6. Ghostbusters - Dr. Venkman (Bill Murray) paper cut-out

    by request for Randy C.

  7. angelophile:

    The Question (Renee Montoya) by Everette Hartsoe (Source)

    (via rocketeer-raccoon)

  8. Guardians of the Galaxy - Cosmo the SpaceDog cut-out doodle

  9. Viz and Wanda at the beach

  10. docgold13:

     Nightwing cut-out  

    reposted because I’m so glad DC isn’t killing off Dick

  11. heard a rumor that Hack/Slash co-creator Tim Seeley may be on board for the upcoming Grayson ongoing from DC Comics.  

  12. americachavez:

    Captain America & Bucky 624

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  13. oneshotgallery:

    Poison Ivy by Robot Soda
    Laser-cut wood, acrylics
    6.4” x 9.2”
    $250, currently on exhibit at One-Shot Gallery

  14. marvel-dc-art:

    Catwoman v3 #21 cover by Cameron Stewart    

    (via comicsgrump)

  15. Oubliette cut-out

    reposted because it was pointed out to me that it appears as though this great but seldom utilized character will be playing a role in the up-coming Original Sin event.  cool cool cool