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    Vision and Scarlet Witch by Chris Samnee

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    By Jiro Kuwata

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  3. above art by Petite-Madame

    So, I’ve never actually seen an episode of this tv show, Supernatural.  Yet, having been addicted to tumblr for near two years now, I think I’ve probably seen every single frame from every single episode. 


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  6. alexhchung:

    Dark Knight Returns’ Carrie Kelley by Chris Burnham from Long Beach Comic Con 2014.

    I was so happy with my DKR Batman by Burnham, I had to ask for this companion piece!

  7. so my plan for utilizing a Mable computer cozy to help me get my paperwork done ended up backfiring something serious…

  8. black widow #11 preview / by nathan admondson & phil noto

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  12. Jack Kirby’s New Gods of the 4th World paper cut-outs

  13. Gravity Falls, Mable computer cozy

    I made this cut-out to help me with the constant onslaught of paperwork that goes along with being a private mental healthcare practitioner. 

    I let you know to what extent she proves helpful…

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    Ooh, child, things are gonna get easier. Ooh child, things will get brighter.


    so awesome

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    Avengers #35 Cover Layout (2014) - The issue is still out! Check it out at your LCS!

    #Avengers #Thor #CaptainAmerica #Falcon #IronMan #Hulk #process #JimCheung #nonoses