1. The Scarlet Witch 3-D cut-out

  3. Guardians of The Galaxy - Phyla-Vell cut-out

  4. thehappysorceress:

    Zatanna by lostonezero

    Kicking off Magic Monday

    (via lyrafay)

  5. Electra #1 by Haden Blackman and Mike Del Mundo scheduled to hit to stands this Wednesday!

  7. happy Earth Day from Swamp Thing

    art by Charles Holbert

  9. The Starjammers - Ch’od & Cr’reee cut-out

  11. Spider-Man’s Tangled Web

    art by Darwyn Cooke

  12. docgold13:

    Lannister always pays his debts

    reposted because it’s time to watch this week Game of Thrones :)

  14. bloodsangsangre:

    Gonna do some quick paintings

  15. Is your social worker inside that horse?” 

    among the greatest lines in the history of television