1. Ronan the Accuser cut-out

  2. All of the Guardians of The Galaxy cut-outs (part 4 of 4)

    (Gamora; Nova; Angela; Iron Man; Captain Marvel; Agent Venom)

  3. All of the Guardians of The Galaxy cut-outs (part 3 of 4)

    (Phyla; Moondragon; Adam Warlock; Jack Flag; Drax the Destroyer; Cami)

  4. All of the Guardians of The Galaxy cut-outs (part 2 of 4)

    (Starlord; Mantis; Rocket Raccoon; Groot; Bug; Deathcry; Captain Universe: Cosmo)

  5. All of the Guardians of The Galaxy cut-outs (part 1 of 4)

    (Vance Astro; Yondu; Martinex; Charlie 27; Nikki; Starhawk)

  6. daddymakemeasuperhero:

    Batgirl of Burnside close-ups

    Thought you might like to see some close-ups of my latest. At this distance, you can see more of the flaws, but you also get a better sense of all the layers and textures at play.

    Full picture here: http://daddymakemeasuperhero.tumblr.com/post/93152792648/batgirl-of-burnside-paper-cut-out-i-wanted-to

    realtalk: Daddymakemeasuperhero does superhero cut-outs that put mine to shame.  

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  9. i don’t want ward to get killed off in the season finale, i will be inconsolable if it happens..

    in some way i just want him to rejoin the group some how but no one forgives him for a long time, seeing grant ward grovelling because they are truly the only family he’s ever known who broke his…

    Similar to the always-fun blog, , Agents of SHIELD can always trigger my super-nerb goobering.  It’s not the best show on TV by any margin, but I love it in that it never fails to make me feel like a little kid all excited for the newest episode of Mr. T and the A-Team.
    agents-of-shield-shipping.__), I can get rather fan-goony over Agents of SHIELD.  Not the best show on TV by any stretch, but one I love simply because it makes me feel like a little kid all excited for the newest episode of Mr. T and the A-Team.  

    Anyways, what I think they should do with the treacherous Agent Ward (not that anyone asked) is combine his story with that of Taskmaster from the comics.  In the comics, Taskmaster is actually an agent of SHIELD who volunteered for a experimental serum that would allow him to mimic the physical attributes of anyone he sees (his physical photographic memory).  The side effect of this serum, however, is that it significantly interferes with short and long term memory (so much so that Taskmaster is constantly forgetting that he is actually a member of SHIELD).  This would be the factor Ward is actually the most interested in; troubled by his memories of being a traitor and his traumatic childhood, Ward actually wants his memory impaired - so he volunteers.  This way, Ward can become the badass Taskmaster and still rejoin the team, unable to recollect his past treachery.  The rest of the team are still angry at him, but also must contend with the fact that his impaired memory sort of provides him a clean slate.  

    Okay, enough delving into my ultra-nerd headcannon for one day :) 

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  10. Happy Batman Day!


    So great.




    Here are a couple sketches from the aborted “Bat-Man” project with Azzarello.  Initially conceived as a First Wave title, I wanted Robin to be the son of Wu Cheng from the Blackhawks — fuck you, Chop Chop — sent to be raised in the US by Bruce Wayne. Get some pulp in that juice.

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  11. cut-out of ‘Aja-style’ Hawkguy showing us how to say “bro” in sign language.

    Fraction & Aja’s Hawkeye #19 (the ‘sign language issue’) scheduled to hit the racks today.  can’t wait! 

  12. Flash’s Rogues - The Trickster cut-out


  13. crepi:

    So I’m surprised I haven’t seen this on like the Comixology tumblr or anything right now, but GUYS. COMIXOLOGY IS HAVING A SALE ON ALL OF ANNIHILATION AND CONQUEST FOR $40 TOTAL RN?!!!!

    Like shit, that’s less than the Annihilation Omnibus alone and it’s both events?!…

    for real.  These much-under-appreciated arcs are some of the best cosmic tales Marvel has put out this side of Jim Starlin.  A must have for fans of the Guardians, Nova, and Ron Swanson the Accuser. 

  15. Happy Birthday to Gail Simone