1. ok

    So this is my own person (headcanon) Uncanny Avengers squad.  A temporary team that comes together with the sole purpose of putting down The Red Skull and restoring Charles Xavier’s honor by retrieving his dissected brain and returning it to Charles’ grave. 

    It would begin with The Blue Marvel discovering what had transpired with the Red Skull in the first arc of Uncanny Avengers.  Disturbed with how poorly Cap and Havok had handled the situation, Adam searches out his own team to take care of business.  He recruits Magneto and Rogue because he knows they are willing to take the necessary steps to end the Skull for good.  Black Widow and Bucky are also brought on board because… well, because their assassins. Finally, Teen Jean Grey is additionally recruited, in that a higher-order psychic/telepathic will be required to take on the Skull’s new power-set; and Kitty accompanies Jean essentially as a chaperone.  Havok, Cap, Logan Emma, and adult Scott have no idea that any of this is going down. 

    In the end, the Skull is destroyed for good - eliminated forever… with the added insult that he’s plot was foiled by a team of mutants, Russians, and Jews, all led by a black guy - a final nail in the coffin of his hateful outlook of aryan superiority. 

  2. X-Men - Magik cut-out doodle

    Magik has become a favorite of mine lately

    (cribbed from some neat anime pict on saw online somewhere)

  3. duneartgroup:

    Stillsuit Designs
    By Ville Ericsson

  4. Mike Mignola’s HellBoy paper cut-out

  5. above image by Cameron Stewart (so good)

    So right.. I’m definitely excited for the all new direction in Batgirl.  Cameron Stewart is just awesome, I don’t know Brendan Fletcher’s work very well, but am looking forward to getting to know it, and Babs Tarr is fantastic.  Though I’m a big fan of Gail Simone, I’m ready to see her on new projects (I was very much hoping she would take over X-Men following Brian Wood’s tenure of the book).  
    All that said, there’s something that makes me bristle at this all-new Batgirl.  A more youthful and hip take is a good idea and I’m surely going to check it out, but wasn’t this exactly what Stephanie Brown was?  Why is DC reinventing this wheel when they already had it with Steph?
    Of course I don’t mean to come off as one of those ’nostalgia nazis’ who gets all bent out of shape anytime comic book narrative deviate from their status quo; plus I have great trust in Stewart and Tarr… but my more jaded side kind of sees this ‘all new selfie-shooting Barbara Gordon’ as just Steph Brown with a new coat of paint.  Hopefully, I’ll be proven wrong.  With DC, I guess I’m sort of thrice bitten four-time as shy…
  7.           SHOWER





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  9. I absolutely scored in an art-trade with the supremely talented Emmafrosticle.  Check out the amazing swag that awaited me at the office today (they look even better in real life).  Check out more at: http://emmafrosticle.tumblr.com

  10. Can we talk about how amazing James Stokoe’s Avengers was today?

  11. thingsfortwwings:

    [Image: Chibi Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, flying, stars in her eyes.]


    Look, it’s Captain Mahvel!

  12. comixology:

    pretty much sums up my feelings about Saga #20

    as well as my feelings regarding today’s issue..

  14. someone finally figured it all out

  15. Futurama - Fry paper cut-out

    Futurama et al. created by Matt Groening & David X. Cohen